Top Products to Bulk Order in VR

January 27, 2023
By Brandon Kerman, March 28th, 2020

Virtual reality is the new frontier that has opened countless possibilities for developers and consumers to explore, but it is also a new horizon for businesses to venture and implement into their business models.

As of today, more and more industries are beginning to utilize VR in their business practices. These industries include tourism, healthcare, real estate, construction, automotive, military, and more.

VR has allowed industries the full capabilities of their business experiences without the required in-world presence of the user. This saves companies both time and money in the long run and has created a high demand for virtual reality in the workplace.

With this in mind, in order to integrate the virtual world into a business, multiple VR headsets and/or setups will be required to support your team. If you are wondering which headsets are the best for your business and which essential items will be required to get set up, check out our blog post for essential VR items in 2020.

In this article, we will cover how businesses use virtual reality and which VR products you can order in bulk in 2020.

How Do Businesses Use Virtual Reality?

Before proceeding to the products, let us first dispel any doubt you may have on VR and answer some questions. How do businesses actually use virtual reality in their respective industries? In what ways has VR been implemented to support a business’s framework and help them achieve their overall goals?

1. Virtual Reality Training

One of the best ways businesses have been able to benefit from VR is by integrating it into their training and development practices. Unlike the traditional means of supplementing employees with in-person modules, attending seminars, traveling, and getting hands-on (and sometimes dangerous) experience - the process can be standardized and streamlined with the help of virtual reality.

For example, VR allows construction workers training of high-risk scenarios without the costs or dangerous end results of a real-life situation. In addition, VR training provides the opportunity for repetitive practice in a safe environment. Another example, VR can simulate anywhere on Earth that the army might someday battle, preparing soldiers in training for the area's terrain before they actually ship out.

2. Try-Before-You-Buy

Another great implementation of VR into a business framework is giving customers and clients an immersive simulation that lets them try before they buy the actual product or service.

Take the real estate industry for example, which is a try-before-you-buy industry by its very nature. With the help of VR, homebuyers can explore virtual recreations of homes for sale without having to incur such a large travel expense and/or the time it takes to do so. Not only does it make searching for a home easier but it also opens up the door for real estate agents to reach an even wider market.

3. Expos and Showrooms

Expos and showrooms are other places where the application of VR has the ability to shine - particularly (but not limited to) automotive showrooms. VR is an indispensable tool for car shoppers and enthusiasts, making it the next evolution for car research and shopping.

While the unveiling of the physical vehicle still remains as the grand show, the use of VR will allow plenty of people to get up close and personal with these cars and see everything for themselves without having to get near the actual vehicle.

Customers, clients, and investors alike will get an immersive and realistic simulation showroom that will enable them to explore the entirety of the cars without having to hold back.

. . .

With more businesses embracing the opportunities created by the technology of virtual reality, the window of possibilities for their operations has expanded exponentially. Breakthroughs in VR technology have allowed big companies such as Johnson & Johnson, DHL, ExxonMobil, and Wal-Mart new ways in which to operate efficiently. Some other applications for VR in business include customer service, marketing, finance, and more.

VR Business Solutions and Bulk Orders

Deploying a large number of VR headsets in one setting can be a bit of a challenge. Not only is this a technically demanding feat, but also poses potential fulfillment issues as well. You will need to know where you can order these VR products in bulk.

Here are our top picks for VR business solutions and bulk orders that can get you started on the right track.


According to Oculus for Business Support, Oculus currently does not offer any bulk pricing discounts for any of their headsets.

However, Oculus for Business does provide businesses and organizations with the tools needed for a comprehensive VR business solution, including hardware, a software subscription, and on-demand support.

For hardware, Oculus offers the Oculus Quest and the Oculus Go in business editions. Seeing as both of these headsets are standalone, meaning they do not require a tethered PC connection, this proves efficient in terms of setup and cost. The business edition 128GB Oculus Quest is $999 USD before tax, while the business edition 64GB Oculus Go is $599 USD before tax.

As mentioned, these prices include the Oculus for Business enterprise-grade software subscription with your purchase. The one-year subscription will end 12 months after activation and automatically renew for $180 USD/year.

Also included with the subscription is a commercial license, a consumer license, as well as a commercial warranty and a consumer warranty.


  • Commercial License - Covers use within public/commercial environments. Includes multi-user capabilities and sharing of the headsets for user-to-user.
  • Consumer License - Covers home use by one individual user. This user would remain the same at all times.
  • Commercial Warranty - Covers all use of the headset, no matter how heavy. Whether side-loading your own bespoke app, using the device in developer mode or altering the settings. Wear-and-tear of the straps, controllers, etc. is also covered within the warranty.
  • Consumer Warranty - Covers reasonable use of an individual, single using apps within the Oculus store, with no amendments to the standard headset setup.

Please note, Oculus only ships to supported countries:

US, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan and the UK.


Similar to Oculus, HTC currently does not offer any bulk pricing discounts for any of their headsets either, but they too offer a comprehensive VR business solution instead.

VIVE Enterprise provides businesses and organizations both hardware and subscription services, called Advantage or Advantage+, which are required for commercial use of the VIVE Pro and VIVE Focus.

For hardware, HTC offers the HTC VIVE Pro Eye, HTC VIVE Pro, HTC VIVE (not pictured), HTC VIVE Focus Plus, and the HTC VIVE Focus in Enterprise editions.

Please note, the HTC VIVE Focus Plus and HTC VIVE Focus are the only HTC headsets that are standalone. The HTC VIVE Pro Eye, HTC VIVE Pro, and the HTC VIVE all require a tethered PC connection. This is definitely something to consider in terms of setup and cost.

The Enterprise edition versions of the following headsets are priced as follows:

HeadsetPrice (Before Tax)HTC VIVE Pro Eye$1599 USD



HTC VIVE Focus Plus$799 USD

HTC VIVE Focus$599 USD

As mentioned, these prices include the Advantage subscription service. In addition to a commercial-use license agreement, Advantage also offers dedicated support and service utilities for VIVE Enterprise products. Each program offers varying degrees of protection, support, and device management. Click here to see the different options.

Please note, HTC only ships to supported countries:

US, Canada, China, Australia, Germany, the European Union, France, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Middle East, Middle East Arabic, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, the UK, and Vietnam.

Google Cardboard

A cheap alternative to buying a large amount of premium VR headsets, like those offered by companies like Oculus and HTC, is Google Cardboard.

Google Cardboard is the company's affordable answer to a VR experience: It's a no-frills viewer which users can insert their phones into. It fits screens up to six inches, and the company says it works with most eyeglasses, too.

And yes, Google Cardboard is, in fact, made of cardboard.

Since (almost) everyone owns a smartphone, this could be perfect for certain companies, startups, or organizations just getting acquainted with using VR in their operations. Google Cardboard retails for $15 USD from the company (or $25 USD for two viewers). We went to checkout, and discovered that up to 10 two-packs can be ordered at a time, so you can get your hands on up to 20 units per order.

Another cool advantage of using Google Cardboard is the option for company-branded units/more customizability. Great for marketing, creativity, and overall uniqueness.

Please note, Google Cardboard only ships to supported countries:

Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States (except Puerto Rico).

I Am Cardboard

Google Cardboard has become one of the most affordable and easiest ways you can get your hands on a VR experience. Because of its development, it has become the venue through which other companies have started their own similar VR business solution. One of those companies is I Am Cardboard.

I Am Cardboard is a VR company that creates and customizes cardboard VR viewers in order to enhance and elevate your VR campaign and integration. They offer four different VR viewers; the Classic V2, the V2 Lite, the DSCVR, and the Pocket 360, each with their own style, design, and key features.

I Am Cardboard has produced over 1,000,000 VR viewers for the world’s biggest brands making them a very credible business to work with.


  • Design and Template - you will get to choose your ideal VR viewer and create your design using their set of templates and artwork guidelines. They will also take any graphic assets and ideas you have for the VR viewer in mind and just simply design it for you without any hassle on your end.
  • Diverse Selections of VR Viewers - you are not only limited to one VR cardboard type but are given the freedom of choosing out of four different styles to best suit your business needs and objectives. They also provide a variety of print options to best meet the ideal VR viewer you have in mind.
  • Specializes in Bulk Orders for Businesses - they specifically deal with bulk productions of creating VR viewers for brands making it an ideal solution to integrating VR into your business. Once you’ve approved of the design and settle the bill, they will immediately get started on bulk production and provide completion and ship out date.
  • Google Certified - their VR headsets pass Google Standards and are validated with the WWGC badge.

Unofficial Cardboard

Another VR cardboard company is Unofficial Cardboard. They are much more than just a VR cardboard manufacturer, but rather a team of industry experts with the goal of seamlessly integrating VR innovation into your business.

Much like the other cardboard solutions, it is Unofficial Cardboard’s mission to include VR into your marketing campaign and strategy to satisfy not only your business’s external customers but also providing the same immersion to the internal business framework and ignite a VR movement for your business.

They offer three different VR viewers, the UC Elite, the UC 2.0+, and the UC 2.0. Each with their own unique designs, compatibility options, accessories, and the like. The Unofficial Cardboard was also the first to mass-produce and ship Google Cardboard inspired viewers way back in July 2014.


  • Use of Premium Materials - they only utilize top quality materials in the production of VR Viewers and ensure that every viewer adheres to Google’s official guidelines
  • Hassle-Free Design and Template - they provide two methods of coming up with a satisfactory design for the VR viewer. First is through a template, equipped with specific instructions for pro designers to create their own. And secondly is of their own proposal, by simply sending pictures, logos, graphics, and text they will create your viewer from start to finish.
  • Quick Turnaround - after choosing a design, placing the order, and confirmation, the production of VR viewers will only take around 3-4 weeks for most custom orders as promised by Unofficial Cardboard.
  • Good Selection of VR Viewers - utilizes the seamless 1-piece design presented in Google I/O 2015 and with three different versions to meet the specific needs of every customer.
  • Specializes in Bulk Orders for Businesses - they specifically produce VR viewers in bulk for businesses making it an excellent choice for VR integration in your business. They have also worked with plenty of the world’s leading brands like McDonald’s, Nasdaq, and more.

Necessary Products You Should Order in Bulk

If you are deploying, managing, and handling VR in bulk, you are aware that all of that equipment requires external items in order to maintain it all and keep business running efficiently. With the right care, maintenance, and hygiene, your equipment will last and continue to perform for as long as you need it to.

Here are our top picks of equipment you’ll be needing to handle VR in bulk. You'll want to keep a supply of these items fulfilled, as most of these items are consumables that will need to be replenished periodically.

1. Disposable VR Mask Covers

In a work environment, it is expected that plenty of people will be using and going through the VR headsets and VR viewers. To ensure the cleanliness and comfort of VR experience, you should implement the use of disposable VR mask covers between every VR session. Made with high-quality non-woven fabric, having one on will not impede comfort of use and will guarantee to keep both user and VR headset clean. They can be difficult and troublesome to deal with at times, but they will save some of the hassle in the long run.

2. Non-Alcoholic Bacterial Wipes

While disposable VR mask covers do wonders to prevent the build of dirt and keep users clean, it is not a sure way of completely avoiding bacteria from sticking on or spreading. To address this issue, use non-alcoholic bacterial wipes between every 5-10 uses. The residue from alcoholic wipes can be a bit harsh on people's skin, as well as the equipment itself.

3. Foam Cover Replacements

You will need to make sure that you have VR foam cover replacements on hand and ready for changing once wear and tear starts affecting the integrity of your headsets. There are options available for the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

4. Microfiber Cloths

Your VR equipment is bound to collect some form of dust and debris during its lifespan. We wouldn't recommend using just any kind of cloth to wipe it with, though, since it can easily scratch. Wipe the lens and foam of each headset using a microfiber cloth, the same kind you would use to clean glasses or a computer screen (the last thing you want to do is scratch the lenses). Dab the cloth into water or soapy water when necessary.

VR Bulk Orders: The Conclusion

From budget-friendly and easy to use VR viewers and to full multi-user environments supported by VR headset standalones - there exist a wide array of choices to breakthrough and begin that first step. At the end of the day, each business has its own unique goals to reach and purposes for the use of VR, which should serve as the foundation of choosing what VR products to order in bulk.

On that note, the cleaning, maintenance, and handling of this VR equipment in bulk should also be a concern and top priority for any business that plans to begin their VR integration. Having a steady supply of sanitary tools, consumables, and replacements will provide a comfortable VR experience and allow every user to get the full potential out of their Virtual Reality immersion.

To sum up, any business looking into VR integration should really look into bulk orders and VR business solutions that will get them a better price and score them enterprise-grade support and services from VR companies.

Got any other VR products to order in bulk that you want to share? Think we missed any? Tweet us @baserealityco !

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