Top 6 Reasons to Get Your Tickets at VRLA 2017

January 27, 2023

Should I go to VRLA? That is what my friend just asked me the other day. This prompted me to write this. VRLA is coming up! It's on April 14-15 in Los Angeles. VRLA started with a modest 100 person meetup to now being the World's Largest AR/VR conference with an expected attendance of over 10,000 people! This is something you don't want to miss out on. If you are going to be at VRLA and want to link-up shoot me an email at Hope to see you there!

The Demos are dope! Driving, Soaring, to flying this is the future of entertainment! Over hundreds of new AR/VR demos at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Woot!

Meet people in the industry (duh) from entrepreneurs, hardware manufacturers, software developers, agencies, venture capitalists, reps from major motion picture studios, and theater chains from all over the country and even world.

Justin Roiland will be giving Saturday's Keynote Address! Woot! Most people know him as the creator of Rick and Morty on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, however, he is also the founder of the newly created VR studio Squanchtendo. He aims to talk about the bizarre future of VR gaming. Will there be more wizard games? What are wizard grandmas? This sounds like it will be hilarious.

Bring the kids! VRLA welcomes anyone 7 years old or older, however, some exhibitors may not show their demos to anyone under the age of 13.

It's in beautiful sunny Los Angeles. You can book your stay at Millenium Hotel. Use code: 1704VRLA17 for booking.

The IMax VR across from the Grove on Fairfax boulevard. Shoot, soar, save the day, and play to win! They have world class immersive and interactive content including Star Wars and John Wick! They have games for the Vive and StarVR headsets.

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