How to Force Upgrade Oculus App on Windows if You Do Not Have Enough Free Disk Space

January 27, 2023
By Brandon Kerman, August 8th, 2019

Have you been unable to update your Oculus software because of the following error:

I managed to figure a way around this error despite the fact that I did not have enough free disk space available on my hard drive for the Oculus app update. Here is a step-by-step on what I did and how I was able to force upgrade the Oculus app:

Blue banner displayed at the top of the Oculus app: "Sorry, we're having trouble updating Oculus. Please make sure you have at least 12.00 GB of disk space free."
The number of free disk space required may range from 10.00 GB - 12.00 GB (based on my findings). This number is subject to change based on the version of the update.

Home2-WindowsNoEditor.pak is ~10.00 GB or 10% of my available disk space even though all games are on an external hard drive.

Home2-WindowsNoEditor.pak is safe to remove because it will be re-created after the update. You cannot load Home or Store in VR but can still play games.
The Oculus update is now able to resume with the 10.00 GB of space freed by deleting Home2-WindowsNoEditor.pak. Playing any games may interrupt the update and cause Home2-WindowsNoEditor.pak to be re-installed.


All set!

Now, you will be able to successfully update the Oculus app on Windows even if you do not have enough free disk space that the app claims you need. Please refer to this guide for future updates.

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